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    COLLABORATE11 04/10/2011

      Is anyone from the board attending COLLABORATE11?

      Is this the first year Primavera has been a part of this?

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          Daniel L Williams

          Yes I am attending. Last year there was a Primavera presence but it was not large. Collaborate is the main meeting for the OAUG, IOUG, and Quest International. The Oracle Primavera Special Interest Group (OPSIG) at www.PrimaveraSIG.com has just been formed in the past few months under the auspices of OAUG and Quest International. And so this year we are really pushing to make this a strong yearly Primavera event, much like the old Primavera Annual Conferences.

          OPSIG is also working to build back up the sense of community that we once had with Primavera. We have quarterly membership webinars, discussion boards, and are managing the presentation content at Collaborate.

          And we need people like you, Mr Cruz, to be be part of this community so that we can work together to educate members about the various Primavera products, help members network, and provide give good, coherent feedback to Oracle on issues and directions for future development.

          Daniel Williams
          OPSIG Chair
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            Hi Daniel,

            Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend this event as I only just found out about this last week. I did however register at www.primaverasig.com and will keep an eye out on upcoming seminars and the like in the future.

            One thing that I find slightly frustrating is that there are now 3 official forums for Primavera.
            1.) The OTN Discussion forum (this one)
            2.) PrimaveraSig.com
            3.) Primavera My Oracle Support Community

            It seems as though each time one forum/community builds up a decent user base Oracle/Primavera comes along and creates an entirely new one.
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              Daniel L Williams
              Yes, it is confusing all the options, but at least there are options now. I find this forum to be very helpful, and have not even looked into the Oracle Communities yet. And there's direct Oracle support for a fourth place to look.