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    RAM requirements on WCI 10.3.0?


      We using two browsing front ends and an app server for our portal architecture.

      The front ends have an installation of the portal on them (only BEA API service and logger services installed). While the app server has everything else on it (search, publisher, collab etc).

      We have 4GB RAM on the app server and 2GB RAM on the front ends.

      Anyone ever see the need for more RAM on the Front Ends?

      Just wondering how other people have servers configured


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          What is your portal usage like? What are the number of user sessions per day?

          From my experience, the more RAM you have the better off you will be, although I don't think logger and the API are very RAM intensive.

          You could probably get away with your current setup, although the latest WebCenter 11g and WebLogic will need a lot of RAM.

          Keep in mind that the operating system uses RAM too!
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            geoff garcia
            Check your Task Manager: Performance tab's "Peak Commit Charge" which displays the maximum amount of memory your server has used since it was last restarted.
            If that number is more than 75% of your Physical Memory total (displayed on the Performance tab) then you'd probably get some benefit.
            If your Peak is > your Physical Memory then you definitely need more memory.

            The peak on our 2 front end servers is 3gb and the average total commit is 2.5gb, so 2gb of physical wouldn't be sufficient in our case.
            Our config is the same as yours, but we have anti-virus and backup software (backup exec) running too.