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    Mac OS X version?

      Any chance of there being an osx release? Sure was hoping it would come this time...
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          According to My Oracle Support *Release Schedule of Current Database Releases  [ID 742060.1]*, release of Oracle Database 11G (EE or SE) is "schedule to be announced". So it seems unlikely to have 11G XE on Mac OS X if 11G SE/EE on Mac OS X is not yet announced.
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            +1 from me. The company i'm currently working for use Mac's for dev and it would be really useful to have local XE databases on the dev machines.
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              11.2XE on mac_osx is not planned.
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                Kris Rice-Oracle
                There is not going to be a port to OS X. I am going to put together a VirtualBox image with XE preinstalled.

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                  Thanks Kris. Certainly not the news I wanted to hear but better to know than to hope falsely.

                  If ever anyone at Oracle is thinking about such things in the future; please be aware that there exists people (likely mostly developers) in the community that would certainly appreciate not needing a VM to do development work. Although I understand it not existing with no SE1/SE/EE on the Mac platform to entice customers to upgrade to...
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                    Jon Finke
                    I currently have VMWare Fusion installed on my iMac (in order to run some Windows 7 based apps).

                    I would prefer to run Oracle under a Linux environment (as that is what I have at work, and am more used to Unix sys admin.) With the understanding that my objective is to run the latest Oracle Express (with APEX) - what flavor of Linux would folks suggest? (I currently have a Fedora Core 6 install with the last version of XE on an old Dell, but I have no plans on bringing any of that forward)
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                      It is probably a good idea to start a new thread on that topic (linux flavour suggestions...).

                      The [url http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17781_01/install.112/e18802/toc.htm#BABGGAJA]Install guide lists requires linux based operating systems so far. OEL may be downloaded from edelivery.oracle.com/linux.
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                        Jon Finke

                        If you could let us (me) know when you are ready to share it, it would be appreciated! (When I first read your post, I didn't know what VirtualBox was...)
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                          I'm waiting for XE VM Appliance.
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                            Thank you Kris, I was planning to create one myself for our customers ;) - hope you will use a freely distributable Linux distro for guest OS ;)
                            R/ Zaf
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                              I am waiting for the vm as well. It would be wonderful if you could share it.
                              I tried to install oracle linux into vitualbox and then xe 11g into that but it seems that my vm installation is flawed and oracle xe installer complaint about some network configuration and stopped.
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                                Did you try to run the installer again after the first failure? The error messages you name are a result of kernel parameters that aren't available in a default installation, as they belong to the network bridge driver module. Actually, you get this error as well when you try to setup kernel parameters manually by editing /etc/sysctl.conf. You can avoid it by removing the unsupported parameters from the config file (or commenting them out).
                                This error has already occured for the 10.2 XE release with RedHat or OEL. See the RedHat bugtracker for details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=512206
                                There is also a comment on the XE package in the bug history.
                                Anyway, the installer will succeed on a second attempt.