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    Installing Solaris Studio in Ubuntu

      Does anybody have a procedure that works for installing Solaris Studio 12.2 in Ubuntu 10.10? ; I am very new to Ubuntu, but have 20 years of experience with Windows. I have tried several procedures that I found on the internet, but none of them have worked. I have put in about 7 hours on this so far and I am getting nowhere. It's really frustrating knowing that I could install a similar package like this on widows in about 12 minutes, but I would really like to give Linux a try. Any help would be appreciated.
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          As shown in the release notes
          Studio 12.2 is supported only on the following Linux distributions:
          SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
          RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
          Oracle Enterprise Linux 5

          Apart from installation difficulties, you might find that the various tools don't run properly on other systems. The major reason for limiting the number of supported systems is the closeness of the Studio tools to details of the OS and system headers, and the wide variation among different distributions.

          If you still want to try running on Ubuntu, you won't be able to use the installer. Download the tar file and un-tar it.
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            I too am having the same issue. Based on the person who responded to your post, I am about to give up. I have spent too many hours on this.

            I don't understand the response you go, untar the file? How do I run solaris studio after I untar the file??

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              The default location for Studio on Linux I think is
              Let's suppose you want to install there. You will need superuser privileges to create the installation directory.

              mkdir -p /opt/sun/solarisstudio12.2
              cd /opt/sun/solarisstudio12.2
              tar xf +<downloadedfile>+

              Now Studio 12.2 is installed in */opt/sun/solarisstudio12.2*. The bin directory under the installation directory contains the programs that you would run. To run the Integrated Development Environment (Netbeans) you would run the command

              To run the C compiler from a command line instead of from the IDE, you would run the command
              */opt/sun/solarisstudio12.2/bin/cc ...*