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    Microsoft Office Licensing


      i know this is a bit offtopic, but until now i couldn't find an answer anywhere else.
      we are using SGD for some time now to connect to unix/linux servers.
      Since we also have Windows Terminal Servers in use the question came up if the could be used with SGD.
      The configuration wasn't a Problem at all but then the Licensing question came.

      does anybody know or can tell me where to find out how Microsoft Office on Terminalserver which can be used via SGD need to be licensed ?

      as far as i know in an windows terminalserver environment you need an Office License for every device that can be used to connect to the terminalserver and use Office.

      since in the upper mentioned configuration Office could be ussed from every computer in the world (with internet connection) i was a little confused about the licensing.

      Best regards and Thanks in advance
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          This is really a Microsoft question. What ever licensing you would need in a Remote Desktop environment without SGD you will need with SGD.

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            You are correct about how Terminal Services works: any device accessing Office in a Terminal Services session needs an Office license. Note that these Office licenses have to be for the same version and edition of Office: so if you're accessing Office Standard on the terminal server, the device needs to be licensed for Office Standard or better (Office Professional Plus, for example). As another responder said, this is true no matter what remote access technology you are using, TS or SGD.

            If they're using Terminal Services, they also need a Terminal Services license as well, which can be a device license or a user license.

            Your assumption that anyone in the world could access Office this way is also correct. As long as they meet the Office device requirement and have the required access license, such as a terminal services CAL, they are covered. Organizations can purchase TS CALs for non-employees; you can also use an External Connector, if you want a lot of non-employees access the server and don't want to purchase a CAL for each one.

            Note a change with Office 2010. The "primary user" of a device licensed for Office Pro Plus 2010, to which Software Assurance for Office Pro Plus 2010 has been added, has the right to access Office in a terminal session from a third-party device (e.g., not owned by him or by the company hosting Office). That device does not need to be licensed for Office.

            Paul DeGroot
            Pica Communications

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