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    who is still using forte

      our supervisor has been tasked with finding out what companies are still using Forte.
      if you are and don't mind replying please do.

      We are in the process of migrating as imagine alot of you are.
      if you don't mind my asking what did you end up going with java .net something else.

      We attempted using a company that had an automated tool to migrate to c# .net.
      however we are now looking at doing a re-write in house.

      also anybody got oracle 11g working with forte yet?
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          I'm still using UDS 5.0.3 and Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release with a rewrite or automated conversion from Forte to Java hopefully over the coming years.

          I'm an analyst programmer - not a DBA - so I don't really know of the issues around getting 11g to work, or if it's even been looked at for us.
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            We still have 4 applications components in Forte 3.5 (3.0.n.1). Currently, there is no immediate plans to migrate these.

            We migrated 5 application components to C++; and, later to custom SAP applications.

            We have tested the existing deployed applications on Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. However, we are only using Oracle 10g (