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    Mass Close of POs


      Is the concurrent "Mass Close of Purchasing Documents" available in We have a requirement to close all standard PO which are open till August 2010. Else is there any other way to close open standard POs till august 2010.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          The "Mass Close of Purchasing Documents" is not available in
          There is no api to mass close or mass finally-close purchase orders either.

          See the "How can Purchase Orders (POs) be mass closed through the use of an API? " section in FAQ - PO Document Control [ID 1261814.1].

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            I did this mass close of standard PO's from the Purchase order summary by using this Dataload command-sequences.

            Example closing Standard PO:
            QE SL1 1016627 QR SL1 \%T+K \%L SL1 TAB Closing text of your own choice TAB     ENT \%O SL1

            Example closing blanket release
            \{F11} *SL1 1012590 TAB 6 \^{F11} SL1 \%T+K \%L SL1 TAB Closing text of your own choice TAB     ENT \%O*SL1

            In my case only ;-) 6.500 PO's. Split the closing tasks on 3 PC's with Dataload installed. Very boring!

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              With the freeware winparrot you just have to record while clsosing one Pos, then add the functions Goto() & IfImage() to loop (see demo in website).