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    PKI certs and CA chains not recognized from browser

      Hi, I have a client (with a support contract) who is having an issue where they have a Java application that is not recognizing their PKI certificates or CA chains that are loaded into their browser. Instead, in order for the application to find the certificates and chains, they have to load them into the Java Control panel. The setting in the control panel (Advanced -> Security -> General) are set to "Use certificates and keys in browser keystore".

      They are running this application on Solaris 10 Update 9, the browser is Firefox 3.6.9 (which we are trying to get them to upgrade to 3.6.16), and Java is 1.6.0_24. Is it possible that the application can be making an assumption of a different browser (i.e. InternetExplorer) and therefore not working?

      any help would be appreciated.