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    Copy Webcenter Spaces Skin

    Bijesh Krishnadas
      Hi All,

      On my Spaces PS3, I made a copy of the system skin "WebCenter Spaces FX" and used it as the Skin for a group space along with the template "WebCenter Spaces Top Navigation".

      When I made a copy, I expected that the skin would give me the same LAF as the copied skin. Unfortunately, it doesn't. The LAF I get is similar to what I get when I use the "Fusion FX" skin with the "WebCenter Spaces Top Navigation" template. Screenshots below

      1) Top Nav with the system WebCenter Spaces FX skin - http://bit.ly/e4baAf

      2) Top Nav with the copy of WebCenter Spaces FX skin - http://bit.ly/epY56S

      3) Top Nav with the Fusion FX skin - http://bit.ly/fwML2w

      I would've expected 2 to look the same as 1 because I merely made a copy and didn't modify anything within it.

      Is this a bug with the copy function? Is there anyway for me to obtain the actual WebCenter Spaces FX skin source, so I can build from there?