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    Binary Heap subtrees

      I am having a hard time trying to understand how a binary heap's subtree can contain up to 2n/3 nodes.
      Could someone please explain?
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          I found the proof here: http://cs.gmu.edu/syllabus/syllabi-fall03/cs483-kaznachey/04/Heapsort.htm

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            My original comment (now edited): Is that 49000 posts in 1 month?

            How does one post something May of 2010 and register March of 2011?

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              This forum was migrated from the Sun forum site, into the Oracle web site, on 1-May-2010.
              User # 840850 is an aggregate of every post that existed at that time.

              They were not a real person.
              That number of posts represents the sum of all entries that could not be attributed to a forum user that has a valid and continuing OTN login to this site.

              There is no telling when the original post may have been made. It could have been just before the forum migration or it could have been years before that. All those postings were given the same timestamp.

              Thus the first response was a resurrection of a long dead post.
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