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    File copy

      In HA environment, after closing db on master and on replica site successfully, I copied all files of master to a different master pc.
      When opening db, following error occurred on master side.
      libdb_dotnet51:DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
      I would like to know what happened here?
      As per my knowledge, physical copy is ok and error should not happen. Is my understanding correct?

      FYI: Difference between PCs is original PC is Win7 32bit, and new pc is Win7 64bit.

      Thanks and regards,

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          Although you're using HA this does not appear related to HA at all. Really you
          are taking a backup of an environment and moving it to a new machine. You
          should read and follow the instructions here:


          In particular, it is unlikely the addresses in the region files (__db*) are valid on
          a new machine. Also, after copying the files, you need to run catastrophic recovery
          on the new backup environment directory.

          Sue LoVerso