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    Problem with serialization in clustering environment

      I am trying to run one portal application in tomcat vertical clustering environment. But I am having the following problem.

      Lets, say we are using two cluster tomcat server.Ex Tomact A and TomcatB

      User fills up one form(Jsp page) in the web application and at this moment TomcatA is serving the user. Now before submitting the form if I am stopping the TomcatA server and press the submit button. It shows portlet unavailable. But If after closing the server(TomcatA) I do a refresh then the application is working fine.

      I found that except the collection framework object(List,Map) all the other variables declared in the form bean for this application are getting serialized.
      I am have also found that the all the data field(Like String, Integer,Date field) filled in the JSP page by user gets reflected in the console of server B.
      But the List and Map data values are not getting reflected in the console of the Tomcat ServerB after submit.

      How can serialize the collection framework objects in the validate method of struts form bean?