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    No network when instantiating a template created with OVAB in Oracle VM 2.2

    Mathieu Rossignol

      I've created an OVM template with OVAB (Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder) and the default OVAB image. When creating a new VM (vm2) with it, the VM starts but the VM cannot access the world outside the bridge (xenbr0). I can however ping another VM (vm1) in the same bridge, I can also ping the main OVM server interface (dom0 xenbr0), but I can't ping a machine on my real network.
      What is strange is that vm1 was installed with PXE and is well accessing outside world. In fact the DHCP server on my real network is working well and is well configured for vm1 and vm2 but only vm1 obtains its IP address. For vm2 no answer from the DHCP server, so I have to manually set the IP address of eth0 of vm2 before performing ping tests. This is another fact that goes in the same direction as "outside network unreachable from vm2 diagnostic".
      Now I understand (correct me if I am wrong) that the bridge is configured automatically by OVM, so why is it ok for vm1 and not for vm2 whereas they are in the same bridge xenbr0 ? Also a strange thing (may be ?) is that the bridges configuration shows a tap interface configured for vm1 but not for vm2:
      'brctl show' output:

      bridge name     bridge id          STP enabled     interfaces
      xenbr0          8000.001e6837f20e     no          vif36.0
      xenbr1          8000.001e6837f20f     no          eth1
      xenbr2          8000.001e6837f210     no          eth2
      xenbr3          8000.001e6837f211     no          eth3
      vm1 is 35 and has vif35.0 and tap35.0 but vm2 is 36 and has only vif36.0 : could it be the problem ?

      Also vm1 is using ioemu networking driver whereas vm2 is using netfront (which I can't change as I suppose OVAB was using a PV image).

      Thanks for any help/idea.

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