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    Proxying FTP though SUN One web proxy


      I have to find a reliable FTP proxy suitable for use with command line FTP clients. Tried several so far but none meet the criteria (fast, reliable, supported) for a production-ready system.

      Is there a method to configure the SUN One proxy such that an FTP client using connection format such as user@host:port can be made to work?

      The existing products that I've tried so far work such that the end user does

      ftp proxyhost
      username = user@remotetarget:port

      I need to be able to replicate that functionality.


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          Any socks5 compliant proxy server should be able to do what you want. iPlanet Proxy Server has socks5 module as well.
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            I'm really looking for a "how-to" here. Lets say I have a client box upon which I use ncftp client. This has to talk through an internal firewall to a DMZ wherein resides the proxy. This will then talk through the external firewall to the target site (probably having traversed at least one more firewall.

            What does it take to get FTP services proxied through the SUN One? If we assume that somehow whatever client software I'm actually using will provide something equivalent to ftp://user@target:port when talking to the proxy what specific tuning do I need for SUN One?

            So far, what I've gleaned from the docs hasn't worked for anything other than a web browser.