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    Storage Relocation

      Hello Gurus
      I have to physically relocate a rack loaded with

      2 x Netra 440
      1 x StorEdge3500
      3 x StorEdge3300
      1 x Dat72

      Relocation = shutdown, extraction from original rack, transport from 1 floor to another in same builing, racking in new rack, and start-up

      I have an issue when trying to access the StorEdge3500. There is no SCCLI installed and I struggle with no luck to connect on the COM1 port with my Laptop.
      I have tried with PUTTY, and with HYPERTERMINAL (speed 38400bps) nothing....
      Telnet is not available either.
      Does anyone has a procedure to access this machine?
      If I dont access; how can I safely shutdown the StorEdge3500? Should I shutdown the StorEdge3300 first?

      Thanks for the help
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          Sun do not make system StorEdge3300.
          Possible StorEdge3310 or StorEdge3320. Both - SCSI RAID.

          So it's diffcult make any recomendation.

          1. Shutdown and poweroff your server.
          2. Wait 1 min ( For writing cache to disk ) and switch off ARRAY.
          In case ARRAY have exapnsion box - switchoff main Array, after - switch off expansion.

          Remount equipment.
          3. Poweron expansion, main array, server. Boot server.

          For 3510 serial port have settings: 38400 baud, 8 bit, 1 stop bit, no parity.

          Check that you use null-modem cable.
          3510 can have two controllers. Try connect to another controller.

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            Thanks for the reply.
            I have figured out that the cable that I am using (serial cable) is not appropriate without an adapter RJ45 to DB9.
            Can I use any one of these adaptors? Or do I need the one made by SUN/ORACLE?
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              Andrew Ness
              You can use a standard Cisco console cable too I believe......