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    'Web Administrator' Responsibility for SSA


      I had an issue where user was not able to login SSA giving responsibility error.
      After adding 'Web Administrator' responsibility to user profile, user was able to login SSA.

      Question is, does 'Web Administrator' responsibility is required for accessing SSA? If yes, Why?
      Since no documentation mentions about this responsibility, curious to know about same.

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          Hi Chaitanya,
          'Web Administrator' Responibility is not required for every user. As per my observations, you need to add one more responsibility (ex: Web Anonymous User) and you can log into SSA.
          make sure that pricelist added to that user .

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            'Web Administrator' responsibility is assigned to a user to change Site settings for SSA.

            A normal user is assigned responsibilty "Web Registered User".A registered user is associated with an
            individual account and profile. A B2C registered user is responsible for viewing, analyzing, and
            paying for his own account. In addition to the items available to anonymous users, registered
            users can manage their profiles, check out merchandise, and place orders.

            An anonymous user is not associated with an account or profile, or with any
            organization. An anonymous user could be a user who has not yet registered, or a registered
            user who has not yet logged in.

            Documentation is provided by Oracle for the same.

            Feel free to contact me for further clarification's.