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    Telnet session terminating


      When i login to the server which is using Solaris 9 using telnet, something is breaking telnet sessions in our machines. For workaround, we changed the IP address and it got resolved for now.
      I want to revert back to the original statics IP. But i am suspecting that the same issue can occur again. Why the telnet sessions are breaking? Can anybody help me out on this issue?

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          Ml Starkey-Oracle
          Telnet has no timer of it's own, so you need to look for either a firewall or other equipment breaking the link. Esp. where changing the IP fixed the problem, and perhaps you switch away from the route or subnet that has that firewall connection policy.

          Another cause is the use of a user shell that has a timeout feature. tcsh is one that can use an "autologout" variable.
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            Any chance that something else has the same IP address? Are both IP's static or is the working one dynamic?

            Do ssh connections have the same problem? There shouldn't be any reason to use telnet.
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              The IP which is working now is dynamic one. I want to revert it back to static IP.
              Actually this is a application user login. We have configured it by using telnet.
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                Thanks for the information.
                Some users are able to telnet as a application user and some random users are not able to telnet and they are facing this issue.
                Their telnet sessions are terminating without showing any error. If the problem is with firewall or any network equipment then it wont work for anybody, but the issue was it is not working for only some of the random users. Is there any possibility of issue with DNS?can anybody help me out on this?
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                  It's look like IP-conflict. Another computer have same ip as you server.

                  Depending of arp table, some client try telnet to real server, other - to system, that have same ip.

                  Check arp table ( arp -a ) on clients that can't connect to server. Check MAC for servers IP should be same as on server.

                  Check address table on the switch for found what machine have IP same as server.

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                    Still the issue is not resolved. There are 125 clients which are connecting to the server using telnet.but some random client machines are unable to telnet to the server.
                    I have checked the daemons, ports in the server, everything are running fine in server.
                    Can you please help me out on this as it is a urgent issue?

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                      Ml Starkey-Oracle
                      It's an interesting problem, but this is a best effort type of forum. Do you have a Solaris service contract on this critical server?
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                        Yea. We have a service contract for this server, but that is managed by different team. Is there any possiblity of Client IP being blocked on the server through telnet. It seems like issue with telnet session. How to kill all the user session and restart the telnet daemon, will it resolve if i set timeout for the user sessions? Please help me out on this issue.