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    reverse proxy through an http proxy

      I use "
      Oracle iPlanet Proxy Server 4.0.15 "as a reverse proxy.
      I want the proxied https: / / my.test.com
      I quote nell'obj. conf these lines and properly functioning.
      NameTrans fn="reverse-map" from="https://my.test.com" to="https://www.giovanni.com" rewrite-location="true" rewrite-content-
      NameTrans fn="map" from="https://www.giovanni.com" to="https://my.test.com" rewrite-host="false"
      NameTrans fn="map" from="/" to="https://my.test.com" rewrite-host="true"

      The problem for security reasons I have to spend my reverse proxy through an http proxy so I added the line to my obj.conf
      Route fn="set-proxy-server" server="proxy:8080"

      But now , The problem is that when I try the reverse proxy browser to get the message:
      Your request Could not be processed. Request Could Not Be Handled
      This Could Be Caused by a misconfiguration, or possibly a malformed request
      Error 407

      How can I configure the reverse proxy?