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    Customer Master - Debit Notification Preferences

      In the Customer master, on the Payment Details tab, there is a section at the bottom called "Debit Notification Preferences", under which I can choose a delivery method (email, fax, printed) and then enter the corresponding information (email address, fax #).

      Is this information actually used anywhere? It leads me to believe that there's a tool that will look at this information and automatically email or fax an invoice. Or is it purely for reference purposes (and for building your own delivery/transmission tool)?

      I've been unable to find any information in the AR user/reference/imp guide, TCA guides, etc. Any information would be much appreciated.

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          The debit notification preferences specify the mode of communication to the customers about the payments received from them.
          I have requirement that, based on this field I have to do bursting. if its email , copy should be emailed and if its fax we should be Faxing it.
          Though I am having difficulty finding the table which stores it. any help?