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    Continued support for Oracle Open Office?

      Following the announcement by Oracle that Oracle Open Office won't be on offer anymore


      users like me who come from StarOffice 9 and are now using Oracle OO are highly interested to know for how long Oracle is going to offer support (patches and updates) for Oracle Open Office 3.3.1.

      Are there any news on that point?
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          Monday, April 18, 2011

          I am not worried at this point because the service contracts remain in place. Since the latest update for StarOffice 7 was the middle of March (these may or may not be the patches announced at the end of last week by Oracle), I expect OOO patches to appear for a while.

          At this point in time the only thing that I certain of is that the commercial milestones which have only existed since OOO 3.3 will end. This is a return to the state of affairs with StarOffice 9 which did not have a separate milestone from the OOo milestones.

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            +"Oracle has confirmed the buzz going around about the exclusion of the OpenOffice application suite from its commercial software offerings."+ http://www.itproportal.com/2011/04/17/oracle-says-quits-to-openoffice/
            I, too, am a bit apprehensive.
            With the limited success of the ODF alliance, I fear I may eventually be forced to drink the Koolaid, and hop on the M$ bus.
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              Thanks for replying. At the moment it seems all that can be done is 'wait and see'.
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                Update, and not a good one, I am afraid.

                Oracle seems to have switched off support for private Oracle Open Office and StarOffice Users:


                To access the side you need a contract number which private StarOffice users who bought their copy over the counter do not have. The service number which is provided by Avanquest is not accepted as a contract number by Oracle. Sad - it seems my long relationship with StarOffice which saw me finishing my PhD with this programme has come to an end now.
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                  Wednesday, May 04, 2011

                  All critical patch updates for Oracle are not working at this time. This has happened before during restructuring and Oracle in the past was reminded that they have single perpetual licenses which have to be honoured.