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    deep problem with messeges that remain inside queue and .....

      Thank you for reading my post.
      I have a problem with using mq version 4.1 .
      here is what i am doing:

      Create a queue,

      Create a connection and connect to queue.
      use Client_acknowledge mode.
      Start the connection and listener will process the messages.

      problem is that sometimes it does not pick up any message from the queue and meanwhile i see (using imqcmd ) that there are tens of messages inside the Queue.

      also it sometimes it process for example 1500 message and 100-200 message remain inside the queue.

      for test purpose i am sending same message into the queue so, it processor want to fail then all of those message should remain in the queue.

      I should mention that when I traced the application execution and it does not enter the OnMessage of the listener (when i have message inside the queue)

      does any one faced such problem?