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    can't send or receive sms

      I would like to test sending and receiving SMS in the wireless toolkit.
      * when I use the WMA console and send an SMS to the emulator (+5550000), it says "sent SMS to +5550000" but I don't see anything in the emulator + the network monitor SMS tab does not show any SMS.
      * the other way, I have a midlet that sends a SMS to a short code (now, that number does not exist, but I expect it to try and send the SMS). It asks permission to send SMS to the number, I say yes, but nothing happens, the network monitor does not show any SMS packet.

      I tried several things such as:
      - setting the SMS receive and send permission (+Connect.sms) but it did not change anything
      - tried to get my hands on the "SMSDemo" some articles talk about, but this demo is not shipped with my toolkit (Sun Java Toolkit 2.5.2_01) and I can't find it on the web
      - tried to set the phone number of my WMA console to the short code my midlet is sending SMS to. I did manage that, no problem, but yet, when I said to send the SMS, nothing happened, neither the WMA console nor the network monitor showed my SMS.
      - checked the API select does indeed WMA. Actually I use MSA and it includes plenty of APIs.

      Can somebody please help ?