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    Contacts information updated for Party or party sites ?

    Rohit Chaube
      I am new to TCA and understanding the party, party sites structure in Oracle 11.5.10.

      One of the questions bothering me is, if a new contact is added (for that matter even an existing contact) is for the particular party site or
      does it also get updated in the party information.
      e.g. I have "Business World" as Party with sites in Paris, San Jose California. Now I am trying to add a new contact and link it to Paris site.
      Does the new contact get updated with a contact for the Party (i.e. Business World) and party site (i.e. Paris site)or just the party site (i.e. Paris site)
      or just he party.

      I am leaning towards Party, as the relationship defined in Hz_relationships table is for parties not party and party sites.
      However if you can shed more light on this or point me to right reference i.e. thread or user guide that would be of great assistance.