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    create a new store front (istore)

      We have a requirement to create a new store front.
      Similar to previous one. We have two types of OU(Operating unit) say X,Y

      We have to create a new store front which has all the features of the previously created store front.
      We also need to attach a catalog.

      Since I am new to Oracle apps (istore) kindly let me know what should be done to create a similar istore "STORE FRONT"
      Thank you..
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          For drastic style changes, modify the jsp code. The iStore R12 front page is located at ibeCZzpHome.jsp. There are mutliple .jsp files that make up what iStore calls bins, including ibeCAcdWelcome.jsp for the right bin. You can change the master stylesheets, but will have to modify each bin individually.

          The style sheets to modify are:

          To help you locate the appropriate .jsp file, iStore uses html comments in the source file of ibeCZzpHome.jsp. View the rendered source (view source from a web browser) on this page to find the comments like "<!-- $Header: ibeCCtdMenu.jsp...". Use these headers to identify specific file that you want to edit.

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