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    Recording in Firefox 3.6.1

      I can´t find a way to record a test using Firefox 3.6.1.

      Is this a browser issue?
      When I try to record the profile window is always loaded and
      the browser runs into a timeout.

      Anybody having the same problem?
      Any work around possibility?

      Thank you!
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          You can try to exit all browsers and then run

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            i already did, it didn´t work.....
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              I am running Firefox 3.6.16 on Windows XP and had the same issue. Here is how I fixed it.

              I recommend closing Firefox and OpenScript when you do this.

              To install the FF extension manually:
              1. Go to the extension directory of the Firefox profile "default". (Usually something like C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9iusc98z.default\extensions
              2. Create a text file named "webdom@openscript" in the extensions directory.
              3. Open the text file "webdom@openscript" with a text editor and copy the path of the Firefox extension (C:\OracleATS\openScript\plugins\oracle.oats.scripting.modules.webdom.firefoxExtension_2.5.1.0030\xpi) as the content of file.
              4. Make sure that there are no other files in the extensions directory containing webdom@openscript. For example, if the text editor made a backup copy of the file named webdom@openscript.bak, this file must be deleted.

              It sounds like you already selected Firefox in the OpenScript preferences, but here is how you do that anyway:

              From the "Tester Perspective" in OpenScript, to open Preferences click View > OpenScript Preferences
              Select OpenScript > General > Browsers
              Under Browser Type, click the “Firefox” radio button

              I hope this helps!
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                Hello John,

                I am also facing the same problem,I have done all the modification given by you.But still i am getting the problem.

                That it is showing error
                "Cannot get a connection from the browser helper after 25 seconds.Do you want to continue waiting the browser to load?" with yes and no option.

                From both application which i am selecting any one the application gets stuck. and i am not able to record it. Please help me for this.