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    OCIBindByPos(),the parameter of alenp,how to deal with go beyond 65535

      The alenp is one parameter of the function OCIBindByPos() (Pointer to array of actual lengths of array elements. Each element in alenp is the
      length (in bytes, unless the data in valuep is in Unicode, when it is in codepoints) of
      the data in the corresponding element in the bind value array before and after the
      execute. This parameter is ignored for dynamic binds. If valuep is an OUT parameter,
      then you must set alenp to point to 0.), the type of ub2,which is limited between 0 and 65535.
      Some time we needed to deal with alenp going beyond 65535.
      For instance,inserting static array,with column type is blob,actual length was 71486, value_sz was 100000, and dty was SQLT_BIN.

      How to do this? Thank you!