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    Page83 data not standards compliant DGC LUNZ 0326

      I have an issue related to SAN paths on Solaris server (T5120).

      I am able to see the luns via a single "O.K." path.

      Please bear with me as I describe the problem.

      However, there should be 4 paths to each lun, (via 2 HBAs, 2 physical host connections to the SAN).

      I see the 4 paths for lun0, but 3 are shown via luxadm as "Not Ready". The 4th path to the same WWN device is shown as "O.K." and that one is working. The lun1 has only a single "online" path -- no additional paths at all.

      I do not have access to the SAN but I am told that all the zoning is correct for this host. The SAN storage is Clariion CX3-40; SAN switches are brocades. We have many hosts with this <same> configuration -- 2 HBAs connected; 4 working paths shown.

      The error message in /var/adm/messages associated with this problem is: Page83 data not standards compliant DGC LUNZ 0326
      and there are also SCSI error messages related to this.

      There are 2 other hosts that have this issue -- but in those cases there are multiple paths that are working, so the issue is not as critical.

      What might cause the same lun to have one working path on an HBA and one path with the device in the "Not Ready" state (visible but not readable or writeable)? The other physical connection has two paths in the "Not Ready" state.

      Any ideas on what could cause devices to appear as "Not Ready" when in fact the real device is working? Or what to check on the SAN side. OR suggestions on how to fix.

      I have done the following: exported the zfs pools; unconfigured all devices via cfgadm -c unconfigure; validated all devices are gone from /dev/*dsk; then re-created. I also tried "boot -r" which I did not expect to fix the problem and it did not. Is there anything else to try on the host side that might shed more light on where the problem lies?

      (Note: I originally posted this to the zones forum since there were some zone issues associated with this which are since fixed....)

      thanks much for any assistance,