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    Problem in JMF (jmfregistry), Only one camera can detect in same time!!

      Hi ...
      I hope All are fine :)
      I work on JMF for my graduation project ... My project is fine and I understand how to use JMF ...
      But I face problem ... and I still trying to solve it by your helping :)

      My problem started when I decided to use multiple cameras at same time ...

      When I open ( jmfregistry > Capture Devices ) I just have one camera in the list ...

      DirectSoundCapture |
      JavaSound audio capture |
      vfw:Microsoft WDM Image Capture (Win32):0 |

      I have two cameras connect to my computer !!

      If I detect each camera alone it works fine ... but the two in same time The JMF only detect one !!

      So ... how i can fix this problem ...

      Thank you :)