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    Migration From Oracle 10g to 11g

      Hey guys , Our Application is on Oracle 10g and we are going to migrate to Oracle 11g. So I have few doubts if we migrate to the new version.

      1) As of now we are using ojdbc14.jar. So if we migrate can we use the same jar or is it mandatory with 11g to use either ojdbc5.jar or ojdbc6.jar.
      I guess these jar version depends on the version of jdk we are using. But we are using jdk1.5 and still we use ojdbc14.jar which is working fine.
      So is it like , Oracle 11g can support only jdk1.5 or jdk1.6 ?

      2) Is there any effect on the coding part if we change ojdbc14.jar to ojdbc6.jar ?
      I have seen there are some extra classes used in ojdbc6.jar.

      3) Also we are going to migrate the Oracle database from Solaris to AIX. Our application lies on Solaris.
      So is there any compatibility problem , if our application lies on Solaris and database on AIX ?

      Thanks in advance :)