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    SEVERE: Cannot edit Projwbs

      Just ran into this apparently known bug today. The fix is either to upgrade to 6.2 or copy the pre SP1 file named intgserver.jar over the top of the existing one. Unfortunately, our support has expired so I'm unable to get 6.2, and the link to the replacement file found at the bottom of:


      in the workaround section is no longer working. Anyone know how I can get a copy of this file, or if there's some othe fix for this issue?

      Thanks in advance.
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          That link is dead as it points to the old Primavera KB (pre Oracle takeover).

          The updated Oracle KB article and link is:

          Error: SEVERE: Cannot edit Projwbs, the project is either locked exclusively or checked out by another user." when selecting Update Existing Project through XML [ID 910383.1]


          However, I do not think you can access this without a current maintenance agreement. My suggestion would be to renew your maintenance or contact Oracle Support directly.