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    quick way to enter blanket correlations?

      Is there any quick way to enter in blanket correlations (or large numbers of correlations) into the Primavera Risk Analysis tool?

      This seems like an incredibly time intensive task for large schedules using the Risk Summary/Correlation interface. For example, if I have 1000 Resource Uncertainty distributions, I would like to apply a 40% blanket correlation to all risks so that all distributions are correlated to all others with a 40% value. Using the Risk Summary/Correlation interface I would have to manually click through all 1000 risks in the schedule which would take hours. I cannot find any other way to enter the desired blanket correlation... is there a better way?
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          Hi there,

          Correlation exists to enahnce the accuracy of the Monte-Carlo sumulation results. Entering bulk corelations would have no meaning then. It should be used on specific cases when you know that impacts are directly or inversely proportional. Most other Monte-Carlo analysis tools do not have the correlation feature. Hope this helps.