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    Re-Create/Duplicate iStoreR12 Login Form

      Hi Oracle Gurus,
      Oracle iStore R12 shares components on our LAN Oracle Applications Suite, that we do not want to make public in iStore. We are attempting to duplicate the login form for the public facing iStore. How do we populate the _ti parameter of the login form's action attribute?

      iStore 12.1.3
      DB Version: 11.2
      Platform: Solaris 10.1.2

      Currently Found:
      _ri is statically set to 0

      languagecode is from RequestCtx.getLanguageCode().toString();

      requestUrl is statically set to ibeCAcpSSOLoginR.jsp

      cancelUrl is from RequestCtx.getAbsoluteNonSecureURL("ibeCZzpHome.jsp")

      langcode is from RequestCtx.getLanguageCode().toString();

      oapc is statically set to 2

      oas is parsed from the oas parameter in SSOUtil.getLocalLoginRFUrl( RequestCtx.getAbsoluteSecureURL("ibeCAcpSSOLoginR.jsp") )

      Illustration The ... symbol is used to signify other code
      ... <form action="... &_ti=WHAT?" id="DefaultFormName" ...> ...

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