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    (Re)connecting to database after scan of large database takes forever


      I have scanned our 19 Tb database, and found several issues that needs to be addressed before the conversion can run.
      Having disconnected the DMU client, I now would like to connect again and proceed, but it "hangs" and the "Connecting to the database" window.

      The database session first ran this sql (sql_id=gavt6k1c3jnf7) for more than 20 minutes, where the wait was "control file sequential read":
      SELECT COUNT ( * )
      FROM SYSTEM.dum$tables dt,
      sys.tab$ t,
      SYS.file$ f,
      sys.v$dbfile v,
      sys.x$kccfe fe
      WHERE (dt.convertible + dt.too_large + dt.over_limit + dt.invalid) > 0
      AND dt.obj# = t.obj#
      AND t.ts# = f.ts#
      AND f.file# = v.file#
      AND v.file# = fe.fenum
      AND BITAND (fe.festa, 18) = 0

      That sql is now finished, but now the session hangs (waits) on the same "control file sequential read" waits, without a sql ( at lease not one visible in Grid Control ).
      I have tried shutting down the database and connect again, but the issue re-occurs consistently.

      Alert log does not show anything other then sporadic logswitches, no (known) O/S issues etc.