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    Are there plans to support Python 2.6?

      Are there plans to support Python 2.6?
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          "Oracle, Sandra Whitman-Oracle"

          There are no known problems with Python 2.6. I use Python 2.6.4 on Linux with the BDB core product without issue. Are you encountering something specific with Python 2.6?

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            In C:\Program Files\Oracle\Berkeley DB XML 2.5.16\python, there's no installer for 2.6, just 2.5 (i.e. dbxml-2.5.16.win32-py2.5.exe).
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              "Oracle, Sandra Whitman-Oracle"
              ok, thanks, for the time being you'll need to build DB XML in order to use Python 2.6. We'll consider moving to 2.6 for the binaries in the future.

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                That's a pity not having dbXML support for Python 2.6 in september 2010.

                I wanted to prepare XML exercices for students with dbXML, but my whole application environment (Django etc..) being set on 2.6 (few support for 2.7 or 3.1 in applications), I won't be able to do this.

                I saw on PyPi a bsddb3 5.0.0 with a Windows msi : would it be compatible?

                The missing piece will be dbxml-2.5.16.win32 in this case...
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                  As mentioned, Python 2.6 is supported but you have to build from source.

                  If you, or anyone else would like to build Python 2.6 support into a Windows package I'd be happy to help direct you as to how. Email me directly at george dot feinberg at you know where.

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                    I've just set up dbxml on a Win 7 set up, from the installer. I'm also interested in getting the dbxml bindings to run under python 2.7. I've mucked around to find out how to install it from source on windows, but I need help. When running the install scripts in cygwin, with the gcc from MinGW, gcc returns an error.

                    Can anyone suggest how to do this? I'd be willing to help make an installer for windows as well.
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                      We have tried built dbxml with mingw-gcc before, but there're some internal bugs in the compiler. So it would be very helpful if you want to try it and I'd like to provide what I have learned.

                      You said you had run the install scripts in cygwin with mingw-gcc and met an error. Which script do you use, the one for unix or windows? Which product do you build, db, xerces, xqilla or dbxml? Besides, could you please talk more about the gcc version and the error message?

                      Berkeley DB XML
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                        Hi all,

                        Here are the steps I followed to get a working dbXML database using Python 2.7.

                        I first installed dbxml-2.5.16.msi on an active Python 2.5 install (not ActivePython). dbXML was installed in the program files / Oracle folder. I launched bsddb3-4.8.1.win32-py2.5.exe and Dbxml-2.5.16.win32-py2.5.exe from the python subfolder. I then tested dbxml using the python examples, and it worked fine.

                        Then, I updated my system to Python 2.7, and uploaded dbxml 2.5.16 sources.

                        I have a working version of VS2008 Standard, therefore I tested building the solution following instructions found on
                        Note that I configured the build to Release / Win32. It went ok, no error no warning.
                        But I didn’t replace the previously installed executables by the new build: better keeping an install that is known to be ok.

                        Then I focused on python libraries:

                        I found that it was not recommended to use the bsddb module shipped with python 2.7, and that the bsddb3 (beware the name) module was needed. Therefore I followed the readme in C:\dbxml-2.5.16\dbxml\src\python, and built + installed the bsddb3 and dbxml modules.

                        Now came the time to test with C:\dbxml-2.5.16\dbxml\examples\python>python examples.py 7 … And everything was ok!

                        Maybe convoluted, but it works. I still hope that the dbxml team will post an msi usable with different flavours of python ;-)

                        Laurent Le Meur