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    Label does not indicate name of previous volume


      I have installed OSB on linux and I can backup successfully. But I can not restore from backup, the job is stalled in RMAN. In OSB I see this log:

      ob> catxcr -l 2 oracle/19.1

      oracle/19.1: 2011/05/01.11:24:23 ______________________________________________________________________
      oracle/19.1: 2011/05/01.11:24:23
      oracle/19.1: 2011/05/01.11:24:23 Transcript for job oracle/19.1 running on osbsrv
      oracle/19.1: 2011/05/01.11:24:23
      oracle/19.1: 2011/05/01.11:25:15 Info: volume in tape2 is usable for this operation.
      oracle/19.1: Searching tape for requested file. Please wait...
      oracle/19.1: Label does not indicate name of previous volume
      oracle/19.1: Do you wish to continue?

      here I entered yes :

      oracle/19.1: Do you wish to continue? yes
      oracle/19.1: Beginning of tape has been reached. Please wait while I unload the tape.
      oracle/19.1: The tape has been unloaded.
      oracle/19.1: Error: couldn't perform auto-swap - no volume ID specified in mount request for read (OB device mgr)
      oracle/19.1: Enter a command from the following list:
      oracle/19.1: load <n> .. load the tape from element <n> into the drive
      oracle/19.1: unload <n> .. unload the tape from the drive into element <n>
      oracle/19.1: help .. display other commands to modify drive's database
      oracle/19.1: go .. to use the tape you selected
      oracle/19.1: quit .. to give up and abort this backup or restore

      I can see the backup resides on tape 2 with lspiece and lssection commands.

      please help.

      thanks in advanced