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    SETSPACE is missing


      Whilst I'm trying to create a new record onto the latest PSOVM (HCM9.1 / Peopletools 8.51.02) through the delivered Peopletools binaries, I was quite surprised to see the tablespace's list was empty. A tablespace specification is compulsory on record save, otherwise, we get the error "Please set a Tablespace for the <default> or current platform - Oracle. (47,98)".
      Consequently, I cannot create a new record in that database. It should required to run setspace.sqr which has not been executed against the database (however I did not check onto a "regular" demo database if that's the case, but I think that's a script to be run when created one - see the Peopletools installation guide) but overall, it missing from the binaries, so I have even not a single chance to run it by myself within the given PSOVM templates.

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          Small correction, whether it is not available in the delivered Windows binaries, we can run that sqr from the App/Batch server as following :
          [psadm2@psovmhcm sqr]$ pwd
          [psadm2@psovmhcm sqr]$ /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/bin/sqr/ORA/bin/sqr ./setspace.sqr sysadm/SYSADM@H91TMPLT -zif./pssqr.ini -i./ -f../log/setspace.log -keep -PRINTER:HT
          SQR for PeopleSoft V8.51
          Set Table Space Name in PSRECTBLSPC
           Table PSRECTBLSPC column DDLSPACENAME have been updated
           with the tablespace found in the system catalog table.
           Detailed below are those tables that were not updated because they have
           not yet been created in the database.
           The total number of records updated appears at the bottom of this report.
          Recname             Tablespace
          ---------------     ----------------
          Ending SQR.
          SQR for PeopleSoft: End of Run.
          [psadm2@psovmhcm sqr]$
          But it would have been nice if that was already executed onto the database by default, as indicated in the Peopletools Installation Guide Task 7B-10: Running SETSPACE.SQR when building manually a database on Unix.


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            Seems to be fixed within the latest Peoplesoft OVM FSCM 9.1 Feature Pack 1 running on Peopletools 8.51.07 released on APR-2011.