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      I acquired some cheap storage for private research.

      During boot of the T3+ a httpd is started:
      System has 1 active controller(s)
      Initializing TFTP...
      Starting ftpd...
      Starting telnetd...
      Starting pshd...
      Starting httpd...
      Starting snmpd...
      Starting schd...
      Starting battery management...
      Starting NTP...
      Connecting in Auto mode ...
      Initializing host port u1p1 ISP2200 ... firmware status = 4
      Starting psh...
      If I enter the IP address of a T3+ in the browser, I get a login prompt with "NobleGUI 1205586805".
      Interesting detail is that the number behind "NobleGUI" changes with every reload of the page.
      If I enter the login of the T3+ I get a 404.
      If I enter anything else I get a 401 "Authorization denied".

      The root filesystem of the T3+ contains a folder web which contains many htm files.

      Others detected that as well:

      Could it be that these files are only used with the integration of the T3+ in the StorEdge Component Manager?

      I found a similar behaviour with the StorEdge 6020/6120, so I tried the StorEdge Common Array Manager.
      But unfortunately none of these devices is supported with the CAM.

      Is the StorEdge Component Manager still available somewhere?
      And what is the webserver in the 6020 for, as this storage is supported neither in Component Manager nor in the Common Array Manager?

      Thanks a lot.

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          T3 and 6020/6120 very similar array.

          Both system End of Support Life. So most part of software not available now. Plus Oracle close all old link to unsupported software.

          For both system main managment interface - cli via telnet.
          Both system can be monitoring via syslog.

          Both system use disks with special FW.

          For 6020/6120 - was monitoring software "Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment Enterprise Edition"

          6020 used in 6320/6920 integrated system.
          T3 used in 3910/3960 integrade system.

          Some docs about this systems: