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    Error message after PL/SQL page process


      I've a function in a package which returns a BOOLEAN. I want to use it in a PL/SQL page process like this:

      if not my_package.my_function(my_variable) then
      null; -- message
      end if;

      I would like to use the result of my function to display one of the pre-defined messages: "Process success message" or the "Process Error Message".

      To solve this, I think I need to assign a value to a global variable which tells APEX what the result of executing my "Process Source" was. Right?

      At first I tried this with exceptions in the function, and an exception in de "process source". But after raising these exception the "process error message" also appears. But I would like to use (only) the "build-in"-messages..... Easier to translate...

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          Nico Martens
          We solved this problem an exception clause. This way your process will always succeed and the apex error page will never occure...

          So do something like

          Application Item : AI_MESSAGE

          Pl/sql process
          <some code>
          when others then
          :AI_MESSAGE := 'Error Occured';

          And in you process success message you put: &AI_MESSAGE.

          This will give you your error but the downside of this implementation is that you will lose your real error... But even these things can be worked around
          (hint: :AI_MESSAGE := dbms_utility.format_error_stack() || dbms_utility.format_error_backtrace;)

          Hope this helps


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            Is AI_MESSAGE a predefined (available) variable or do I have to define it somewhere (where?) first?

            Because the error I get is....:

            Unexpected error, unable to find item name at application or page level.
                 Error      ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item "AI_MESSAGE" in application "104".

            When I do this:

            if not mw4bwt.mwa_form.f_auto(:P6_USERID_MED) then
            :AI_MESSAGE := 'NOT OK';
            :AI_MESSAGE := 'OK';
            end if;
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              I Googled a little and was able to create the AI_MESSAGE as an application item (Shared Components, Application Items).

              My success-message of my page is *&AI_MESSAGE* and that's exactly the message I get on the screen, after executing the process...: *&AI_MESSAGE*.

              I was expecting that the &ID_MESSAGE woud by substituted for some text of my own.

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                Confirm that the <tt>&&AI_MESSAGE.</tt> substitution string has a terminating dot ("."): this is required using the static text exact substitution method to reference the value of an APEX item. (It's not clear from your post.)
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                  I missed the dot (.) in Nico's example.

                  Sorry, and thanks, it works a explained in this threat.

                  But I'm still wondering how I can use the predefined "Error message" in combination with a PL/SQL procedure.... What's the user of the possibility to fill in an errormessage anyway if I can't display this message if the procedure fails...?