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    blank csv from interactive report

      I have an interactive report that shows the data just fine. but when I choose download and csv, I get a blank file, zero lenght. there is data in the report, but the download shows nothing. has anyone see this before? its just a standard report, nothing real fancy. it should be able to download data right?
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          Sounds strange.

          If you tell us bit more about your setup
          - Apex version
          - Database version and edition
          - HTTP server you are using
          - Browsers used and have this issue

          Somehow I think it is relating HTTP server ...

          Can you import application to other instance e.g. apex.oracle.com and test does download work?


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            it is apex is 4.0

            I'm not sure of the database, I believe it is 11g

            I have no clue as to the web server, I'd have to say whatever comes with 11g or apex. I don't have access rights to see that.

            browser is IE 7 and firefox 3. both have the same issue.

            I can't export it to a different instance at this time.. however, I created a new page, created a report in it and used a simple query, it allows me to download it. so something is odd about the actual report I have now. its a simple query, so I'm not sure what it wrong yet.
            something must be interfering with the process.
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              well i did some testing with some different pages and here is what I'm seeing.

              the report works fine, just as I said before. but I have now noticed that when I run the download to get the CSV file from the action button, its deleting the rows from the table and then reporting back no data found. so my question is, why is it deleting the rows before the query? what process does apex use to actually make the csv download work in the interactive report?

              could this be a bug? or am I missing a little know configuration someplace?
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                You do not have any application process before header that could cause this ?

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                  Bingo! I did not even see it.. there is a process by a different developer that was clearing out some data.. including my report data!

                  man I hate it when its an obvious error on my fault.. should have looked there first..

                  thanks for helping me take my blinders off.