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    Admin object configuration


      One of our Resource Adapters we develop introduces admin objects to allow configuration of certain resources by a user of the Resourece Adapter, much in line with Queus and Topics for JMS RA. When I use this Resource Adapter on weblogic, I noticed that adding an admin object using the console isn't enough, I need to use a deployment plan to add the new created admin object to the weblogic-ra.xml (and need to restart the instances in some case).

      I was wondering(hoping) whether I overlook something, isn't there an easier way?

      Is there a reason why the admin object instance configuration is stored on resource adapter deployment descriptor level? To me the admin object instance is an application level concept, a JNDI reference to a resource to allow application to refere to a resource by means of a handle instead of hard coded configuration as with queus for JMS? The Resource Adapter merely introduces the type of the admin object.