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    How to check the update number for OpenMQ


      I have recently installed glassfish 2.1.1, which also comes with OpenMQ 4.4 .

      But how do I find out what is the update number of OpenMQ ?

      Currenlty, it shows me following

      com.sun.messaging.jmq Version Information
           Product Compatibility Version:          4.4
           Protocol Version:               4.4
           Target JMS API Version:               1.1

      I want to find out if bug http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=6961586 has been fixed in this version or not. I still see the same behavior as OpenMQ 4.3.

      According to the bug, it is fixed in OpenMQ 4.4u2p1(b01)

      Bug ID:      6961586
      Votes      0
      Synopsis      msgs left in queue not delivered to any consumer after MT consumers consume 1 msg then close repeatl
      Category      jmq:broker
      Reported Against      
      Release Fixed      4.5(b_11), 4.4u2p1(b01) (Bug ID:2195892)
      State      10-Fix Delivered, Verified, bug
      Priority:      3-Medium
      Related Bugs      6870832 , 6965092 , 2195900
      Submit Date      16-JUN-2010