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    Error: Specify a discovered host known to Enterprise Manager on OSB

      Hi Guys,

      Here's our production scenario:

      All hosts is running on Windows Server 2003 and all databases are on Oracle (all enterprise manager are running on each instance)

      1. We have Server01 which has a single database installed.
      2. Server01 is our OSB mediaserver (it is also an admin and a client)
      3. Server01 has connection to the IBMTapeLibrary via fiber optics (in its Device Manager, we can,of course, see the tape library and devices)
      4. We have 2 other machines in our network which is a RAC (Rac01 and Rac02).
      5. We have installed OSB client in Rac01 and Rac02.
      6. On Server01 (mediaserver) we have added Rac01 and Rac02 as hosts in the OSB Web Tool.
      7. On rac01 and rac02, we used obtool to login and we can see the devices (lsvol) as well and the hosts (lshost).
      8. Using Enterprise manager, we are now on the step: "Add Administrative Server"--> here we are getting the error:

      *"Error: Specify a discovered host known to Enterprise Manager"*

      What we are trying to do is Server01 will have the access to rac01 and rac02 via enterprise manager so we can have a single server that will manage the backup. What we thought is when we install the OSB client to Rac01 and Rac02, we will be able to backup the instance in the Server01(mediaserver) using Server01's enterprise manager?

      Do we need to install Oracle Grid and the clients in the target hosts? Or having a configured mediaserver and OSB clients are enough to make our goal work.

      Our goal is:
      Server01 (mediaserver) can access rac01 and rac02 on its (Server01) OSB Webtool and perform tape backups.

      Thanks and I hope you guys can help us.