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    Oracle made Java Timezone Updater Tool only available for paying customers


      We need to update the timezone information in our Java application but we can't get hold of the latest version of the update tool.

      Oracle have updated the tool to 1.3.39 but the TZ Updater download page has only version 1.3.38 available.

      This page, http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tzdata-versions-138805.html, says: "TZUT v1.3.39 now available containing the Olson 2011g update. Please contact your local Oracle Support Office to obtain this version".

      After talking to Oracle support we got the answer that the latest version of the TZ Updater Tool is only available for paying customers.

      Does anyone have any information about this or know if there is another way to update the timezone information?