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    DMU vs csscan

      Hi All,

      We are trying to convert the Applications Database character set to Unicode (AL32UTF8). After doing initial research found that there is a new tool called DMU which has to be used in the process (Note 1272374.1).

      This seems like doing the job of csscan to report the exceptions, also it seems that this can be used to fix exceptions instead of using export/import process.

      Please confirm whether this is a replacement for csscan or its just alternative tool.

      Thank you
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          Please confirm whether this is a replacement for csscan or its just alternative tool.
          The answer yes. Please use DMU for your migration instead of csscan.

          DMU is more than just a replacement for csscan; it's our next generation database migration solution for Unicode encapsulating the following functionality covering the end-to-end process:

          DMU streamlines the entire migration process with an intuitive GUI that minimizes the DBA’s manual workload and decision-making.
          - Enumeration – auto-identification of database objects containing textual data that requires conversion
          - Scanning – comprehensive assessment of migration feasibility and discovery of potential data issues
          - Cleansing – sophisticated toolset for iterative data analysis and cleansing to ensure data safety
          - Conversion – automated in-place data conversion to minimize time and space requirements

          (whereas csscan is a line-mode utility which only covers identification of potential migration issues a with a simple reporting functionality i.e. Enumeration and Scanning).

          Please visit the DMU homepage for details and post your questions here.


          - Michael
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            Thank you Michael for the clarification and clear update.

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              Usage of DMU is documented in the following MOS document (last updated: 15-APR-2011):

              - Migrating an Applications Installation to a New Character Set (Doc ID 124721.1)

              Please email me your SR#'s so I can follow up.

              - Michael