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    HTTP Basic Authentication - LDAP Realm


      I have developed a SOAP webservice in BPEL 2.0 [ JBI ] and added the HTTP basic authentication on top of it ( added the policy ). I have used LDAP realm to authenticate the users from the LDAP server and its working fine.

      Below is the code snippet of the WSDL used to point to LDAP realm.

      <service name="casaService1">
      <port name="casaPort1" binding="tns:casaBinding1">
      <wsp:PolicyReference URI="#HttpBasicAuthBindingLdapRealmPolicy"/>
      <wsp:Policy wsu:Id="HttpBasicAuthBindingLdapRealmPolicy">
      <mysp:MustSupportBasicAuthentication on="true">
      <mysp:Realm realmName="LdapRealm" />

      The LDAP realm details from the Glassfish Server are as below:

      JAAS Context - ldapRealm
      Directory - ldap://localhost:389
      Based DN - dc=example,dc=com
      Bind DN - cn=Directory Manager
      Password - ldap123

      Now i would like to provide access to only users in a particular group. I have updated the Assigned Groups in the LDAP realm ( admin console ) to the group for which i would like to provide access to. But its not working.

      For webservices developed using EJB,we can use the web.xml , sun-web.xml,deployment descriptor files to add roles and map groups to this roles.

      But how do we implement the same in OpenESB ( service assemblies ). Do we have to modify the WSDL ? Please share some info if anyone has worked on this before.