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    Oracle Forms Personalization - Menu Icon

      Hello, hopefully a quick question. Looking at forms personalization and want to add a new menu item. I can achieve this using Forms Personalization no problem. My question is regarding the 'Icon Name' field for the Action Type of Menu. I understand that this is asking for a .ico file to display in the toolbar, however I'm not sure where to place this .ico file on the file system for it to be picked up? Any thoughts?

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Are you looking for the directory where the icons exist on the server? If yes, check under "$OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/media" directory (gif files and not ico files) -- Forms Toolbar Icons are not displayed [ID 782066.1]

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            Basically in the Forms Personalization Form for an Action Type of "Menu" there is a parameter called "Icon Name". According to the Forms Personalization documentation (279034.1) the definition for this field is:

            "Icon Name: Specify an optional icon name that you want added to the Toolbar to achieve the same functionality as in the special pulldown menu entry"

            I tried specifying one of the icons in the directory you mention below: afattach.gif (even tried just afattach) to see if that would render on the Toolbar, but no luck.

            Any thoughts on what is required for this field?

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              OK, it appears that the directory mentioned above was correct. After completely exiting EBS and logging back in, the new icon is displayed. So basically the value for that field needs to be the name of the gif in the $OA_JAVA/oracle/apps/media directory WITHOUT to .gif extension. Apparently you need to back all the way out of EBS and relaunch forms for the changes to take affect.