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    SMTP delay send

    Kevin Dean
      I have a need to delay delivery of email under certain circumstances. I found the necessary RFC (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4865) but am a little stuck as to how to incorporate that capability into a message I'm composing. Any help would be appreciated.
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          Bill Shannon-Oracle
          Let's start with basics...

          Have you determined that your mail server supports that capability? Not all servers do.
          (I'm not even sure that any servers I know about do.)
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            Kevin Dean
            I haven't confirmed that, no, and now that I see it's a proposed standard, not an agreed standard, I may be stuck. I was thinking given the age of the document that there might be some support for it but it looks like I'll have to implement it manually. Thanks anyway.
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              If the server does not support this capability you could implement manually by storing the email information (to, from, subject, body, etc) in a database along with a "to be sent" time or date.

              Then have a process query the DB on a specified time interval and check the "to be sent date/time" for a match, compile the message from the DB fields, send the message, and flag the DB entry as sent.

              Not sure it's the best way but would be a quick and dirty way to do it.

              Edit: Sorry, didn't see you had already posted you were going to do it manually.

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                Kevin Dean
                I was trying to avoid the database option. That's my next consideration. Thanks.