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    Launching an Oracle Forms 10g Application from Windows Mobile IE


      We are trying to launch an Oracle Forms 10g application from Windows Mobile Internet Explorer.

      This is feasible in Window XP using Mozilla, IE without the need of any plug-in in the browser because the applet runs directly on the JRE found on the machine's platform.

      So I'm assuming that if we install a JRE on our windows mobile, we'll be able to open the applet created by the Oracle Form Application Server using windows mobile Internet Explorer.

      I tried the third party JVM (Esmertec Jbed, CrEme, Mysaifu, Intent Java Midlet manager) and unfortunately i'm still not able to launch my application from internet explorer.

      Is the problem from the brower ?

      Is there an add-on, plug-in for the Internet Explorer need to be able to launch the application ?

      Please advice a solution.

      Thanks in advance,