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    OWLCS install - trying to use with my Active Directory


      I'm new to OWLCS but am very familiar with the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Stack. My end goal is to integrate OWLCS with WebCenter Spaces 11g ( I have a Dev Environment where I have installed OWLCS ( following the steps outlined in the Installation Guide, Oracle® WebLogic Communication Services Installation Guide 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) E13808-01.
      I followed the instructions to setup an All-in-One Managed Server. I have an Admin server (owcs_AdminServer) and managed server (wlcs_server1) defined and started. I've also followed the instructions to update my Realm to "mycompany.com" and also remembered to update the /etc/hosts file with "mycompany.com".

      I followed the remainder of the guide to test the installation with an Oracle Communicator Client.... I added test users using launch_sash, I successfully connected and saw my presence change and was able to communicat with another test user.

      That was fine for testing... but, I need this connected to our LDAP (Active Directory) and then eventually to integrate with WebCenter Spaces. This is where I get lost...

      I started following the Admin Guide, Configure Authentication Provider for OWLCS, in Section 5. But I'm confused over what type of authentication that is needed? Do I setup for Digest Authentication?

      Being not quite sure, I started to follow the steps 5.7.4 Steps for Configuring Digest Authentication. First, I could not change my LDAP provider to store unecrypted passwords so I didn't change anything to the existing LDAP.
      In Reconfigure the DefaultAuthenticator Provider, I followed steps to change the DefaultAuthentication flag to "sufficient".
      Next, I followed and created an LDAP authentication provider for my Active Directory LDAP server. I checked my Users and Groups after restarting the Admin server and I can see my users and groups in the MyRealm Security Realm .

      Here is where I need help... My LDAP admin is telling me that our LDAP cannot pass unencrypted passwords... so what are my options?
      Do I really have to setup DigestAuthentication? What is the Credential Attribute Name that Active Directory LDAP users use?

      Do I have to create a new Digest Authenticator?

      I also have a few questions regarding the settings to Oracle Communicator but will wait until the above is resolved. I have some confusion on the settings on Oracle Communicator once the above is working. And then next, getting it to work with WebCenter Spaces.

      Thanks in advance,