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    Scripts played back in OpenScript or OLT leave orphaned process at logout

      The web app I'm testing uses Oracle Forms running on Oracle Application Server 10g. Each time I log into the app a process called frmweb.exe is created on the server PC. When I click on the Exit button our app closes and the frmweb.exe process disappears. This works fine when manual testing through IE, or during the recording of a script in OpenScript. However, if I play the script back through OpenScript or OLT the frmweb.exe process does not go away. If I run a simple login/logout script for 10 virtual users for 10 iterations I wind up with 100 of these orphaned processes. The processes don't die and the rather large chunk of memory is not released for another 20 minutes. Any idea why these processes don't terminate successfully when scripts are played back?

      I'm not sure of the purpose behind the OLT playback options labeled “Enable keep-alive” and “Preserve connections between iterations” but I tried setting both to False. They sounded like they might be related to the issue but there was no change in the results.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.